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Many Exiting Farmers in Vermont May Have No One to Take Over the Farm, New Study Shows

Nearly 30% of New England’s farmers are likely to exit farming over the next decade, and nine out of 10 of those farmers do not have someone else ready to take the reins, according to new analysis of U.S. Census … Continue reading

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Rachel Ankeny on GMOs, Food Ethics & Consumer Attitudes

By Hailey Grohman Professor Rachel Ankeny is an associate dean of research and deputy dean in the faculty of arts at the University of Adelaide, Australia, where she leads the Food Values Research Group. Rachel will be a keynote speaker … Continue reading

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Refugee Farmers Set Down Roots, Honor Traditions in Vermont

By Amy Overstreet Rwanda native Janine Ndagijimana, her husband Faustine and their children moved to Burlington, Vermont in 2007 after living in a refugee camp in Tanzania for 13 years. Now a U.S. citizen, she works closely with Ben Waterman, … Continue reading

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Urban Dairy Markets Catch Up with Vermont Values

By Hailey Grohman An article in last week’s New York Times describes a “unique” phenomenon that may strike you as fairly normal in Vermont: dairy farms marketing small-scale, local, grass-fed products. The author features farmers putting what seems like a … Continue reading

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From Meatpacking to Technology: How Russell Hirschorn Navigated a Successful Career Path

By Sarah Tuff Dunn Russell Hirschorn has plenty of talking points on his résumé—meat-packer at B. Rosen, webmaster at, and systems analyst at Hess Corporation—before his current seven-year stint at Polaris Management, which provides management and technology consulting services … Continue reading

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