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Tragedies of the Commons in Modern Agriculture

The Tragedy of the Commons is a well-known dilemma to economists. It occurs when several individuals act in a way which is in their own self-interest yet the sum effect is to deplete a valuable resource, leaving all worse off. … Continue reading

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A Closer Look at Farm Labor

Everyone knows that working on a farm work is hard work, but not many people know who is doing that work. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, hired farmworkers make up less than one percent of all wage and … Continue reading

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Challenging the Concept of Food Justice in the Food Movement

Conversation continues to brew over whether the food movement is a movement of the elite. An article I read this week forced me to consider this idea and our socio-cultural roles within the food movement. The article, Not My Revolution, … Continue reading

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Is posting calorie counts on restaurant menus enough to make us healthier?

Guest blog post from Rachel K. Johnson, Ph.D., R.D., Professor of Nutrition at the University of Vermont. Dr. Johnson is Vice Chair of the American Heart Association Nutrition Committee and a member of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and … Continue reading

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Farmer Training Program Graduate Talks About Being a Beginning Farmer

Guest blog post from Jamie DePalma, a graduate of the 2011 Farmer Training Program at UVM. This year’s program started in May 2012. Over the course of six months aspiring farmers and food systems advocates engage in a hands-on, skill-based education … Continue reading

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