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From Meatpacking to Technology: How Russell Hirschorn Navigated a Successful Career Path

By Sarah Tuff Dunn Russell Hirschorn has plenty of talking points on his résumé—meat-packer at B. Rosen, webmaster at Bedbathstore.com, and systems analyst at Hess Corporation—before his current seven-year stint at Polaris Management, which provides management and technology consulting services … Continue reading

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When Science Fiction Becomes Reality: Zilmax in Our Beef, Bellies and Universities

Margaret Atwood’s book, Oryx and Crake, is a bleak futuristic tale of environmental disaster, walled universities for the rich, and biotechnology gone haywire. It paints a horrifying picture of what happens when larger-than-life, soul-less industries overpower smaller systems. Unfortunately, in … Continue reading

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