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Two Indignant Chefs: Austin, Texas, and Today’s Menus

Chefs Justine and Esteban spend their days asking what’s happening to good food. They rail against the loss of seasonality, foodies who treat food as too precious, and taste buds that don’t remember simple, elegant flavors. We recently returned from … Continue reading

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Flavor, Fermentation & Creativity at Wild Rhythms Farm

UVM Farmer Training graduates Caitlin and Jason Elberson are featured in a recent issue of Seven Days. The couple, who met in a Spanish literature class at Villanova University in 2007, share a love for farming and sustainable living. At … Continue reading

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What Makes Vermont Food (Education) Delicious?

By Vicky Parra Tebbetts Under mostly stormy skies last June, a cohort of a dozen students threaded their way through Vermont, traveling 404 miles to learn from leaders at five colleges, one university, and a law school, and mulling through … Continue reading

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As Vermont GMO Law Approaches, General Mills Opts to Label Products Nationwide

General Mills announced Friday it will begin labeling products nationwide that contain genetically modified ingredients. The company said that since it will be forced by July 1 to begin labeling for GMOs in Vermont—the result of a state law here—it … Continue reading

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Food Waste Gets Second Life as Renewable Energy on Vermont Dairy Farm

By Laura Hardie Recycling is at the heart of dairy farming. Water is recycled to use on crops or to clean the milking parlor. Manure is recycled as fertilizer for the fields or converted into electricity on farms with cow-power … Continue reading

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