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Developing an Exit Strategy to Keep Food Businesses in Vermont

More than 30 percent of the state’s farmland is currently owned or managed by farmers older than 65. An estimated 91 percent of these farmers do not have an operator under the age of 45 working with them. But this … Continue reading

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A Prescription for Healthy Food in Vermont

By Charlie Mitchell “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Do you believe this old saying? If we, as a state, ate a healthier diet, would we experience fewer issues, and probably spend a lot less on healthcare? If … Continue reading

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Farmer Training Student Digs Deep to Advance Her Understanding of Food

Allie Williams learned early on the importance of healthy food. While growing up in Houston and Memphis, her family had always put a big emphasis on cooking and eating right. But high obesity rates in Memphis, along with a gluten … Continue reading

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What it Takes to Achieve Food Agency

By Willa Imhoff I love cooking, but do all 20 year olds feel the same way? In fact, environment, access, and culture makes a big difference in the ability to make choices in regards to food, or as a group … Continue reading

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Why SNAP-Ed Curriculum Must Empower its Participants to Cook

By Margaret Turvey  The United States is currently experiencing high rates of food insecurity and obesity. This mounting health crisis underscores the importance of government-funded nutrition programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and SNAP-Ed, for improving the … Continue reading

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