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Teaser 3

If you would like to get involved with this Blog, feel free to contact us.

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Here, you will find news, views, research, and more—each a key ingredient in the recipe for a new food system movement.

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Do you want to change the way the world eats? Then you’ve come to the right blog. We’re here to talk food—and the complexities behind it.

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Seeds of Change for a Culture Rooted in Corn

I am no stranger to the food culture in Oaxaca, Mexico. Over the past few years, during my month-long stays in this region, I’ve become familiar with local ingredients, agriculture, and the challenges this deeply-rooted culture experiences with modern-day agricultural … Continue reading

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Introducing UVM’s Masters in Food Systems Degree

I have observed with fascination the groundswell of interest among Americans, (especially twentysomethings) in becoming passionate advocates for changing our food system. There is a real passion to know more, to do more. My observations are not merely academic; I … Continue reading

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