Diet and Health Theme

The University of Vermont has chosen Food Systems as one of its Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives. The stated vision of the initiative is to develop solutions to pressing problems in food systems through world-class transdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach dedicated to improving economic, ecological and human well-being.

Why health?  The diet and health theme focuses on solving our most pressing public health problems—diet and diet-related illnesses—which may be a consequence of our contemporary food systems, and also examines how social, environmental and economic environments affect health as it relates to food.

Why Vermont?  We live in what is considered the healthiest state in the nation. Yet, we recognize that we must continue to make progress. Our state’s Farm-to-School program incorporates nutrition education, gardening experiences, and exposure to local food in cafeterias, helping to change eating habits, food choices and health outcomes. The results of this work directly support achievement of Vermont’s strategic health goals (Vermont Dept. of Health 2007). It is but one way we are facing the challenge of changing food choices made every day by individuals.

Why UVM?  We combine the intellectual endeavors of faculty across the University, including anthropologists, nutritionists, psychologists, physicians, political scientists and economists to address solutions to health as it relates to our food systems.

Diet and Heath Themed Posts

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