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Eggnog as it should be

Eggnog is a decadent, festive standby during the holiday season. For a short, delicious time, it’s everywhere. You can get it in your latte, bake it into a cheesecake, or use it to top French toast. Unfortunately, if you’re like … Continue reading

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How Vermont Chevon is Revolutionizing the Goat Meat Industry in Vermont

by Natalie Lovelace In mid-November, Caylin McKee, UVM Dining Sustainability Manager, Annie Rowell, Sodexo’s Vermont First Coordinator, Jim Rogers, UVM Dining Retail Operations Director, and I took a trip to Vermont Chevon in Danville, Vermont. Vermont Chevon, which was founded … Continue reading

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Tackling the Topic of Food Access

by Sarah Bhimani The latest Dish panel discussion from City Market and the Intervale Center tackled the tough question of food access in Vermont and explored innovative programs and solutions for increasing food access for Vermonters.  When planning for this … Continue reading

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Coca Cola Is Coming to Town

by Oliver Froehling What could possibly be wrong with a commercial that shows a number of light-skinned hipsters descend on an indigenous village in the mountains of southern Mexico? That features these hipsters building a giant red Christmas-tree-like abomination that … Continue reading

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Two Indignant Chefs: On Papaya and Other Hawaiian Food

Chefs Justine and Esteban spend their days asking what’s happening to good food. They rail against the loss of seasonality, foodies who treat food as too precious, and taste buds that don’t remember simple, elegant flavors. Aloha from Hawaii! We … Continue reading

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