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Discovering the Sublime Artichoke

Knock, knock – who’s there? Arti. Arti who? Artichoke. I remember hearing this joke from my brother when he was little. I’m thinking of it now as I’m driving through Castroville, Calif.,  the “artichoke capital of the world” as they … Continue reading

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Food for the Soul: Should we be invoking the divine to change the food system?

By Paul Kindstedt Recently I had the privilege of presenting a seminar, titled “Cheese and God: How Spirituality and Religion Shaped the History of Cheese,” at the UVM Fleming Museum in conjunction with the Museum’s exhibition EAT: The Social Life of … Continue reading

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The Food Safety Game: New rules are stacked against small farms

Ben is an attorney and Rhodes Fellow with the Conservation Law Foundation in Portland, Maine.  Learn more about CLF’s work with farms and food. In a rare show of bipartisan support—albeit extremely modest—Congress passed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) … Continue reading

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No Free Lunch in the Food System? Land, labor, and energy substitutions in agriculture

By Ben Dube Ben Dube is a researcher and farmer at Cerridwen Farm at Green Mountain College. Learn more about Green Mountain College’s research on energy and agriculture. In the last 100 years, energy use in the U.S. food system has … Continue reading

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Cultivating Food, Farmers, and Knowledge: A tour of UVM’s Horticulture Farm

On a warm day in late September, I biked south from the UVM campus to pay a visit to one of UVM’s great agricultural assets: the UVM Horticulture Research Center. Known among the UVM community simply as the “Hort Farm,” … Continue reading

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