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Ben & Jerry’s Social Mission Leader Teaches Students About Creating Consensus and Setting Differences Aside

How do stakeholders find common ground when they share the same goals but hold vastly different opinions? Simone Washington, the social mission strategy and policy manager at Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, will share a pragmatic and productive approach to building … Continue reading

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What Does “Local Coffee” Really Mean?

By Charlie Mitchell Vermont is widely known as a haven of innovation and progress for all things related to food and agriculture. We take care to buy local, know our farmer and promote practices that are good for the earth. … Continue reading

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Fair Trade Labeling Makes its Way onto U.S. Products

By Sharon Palmer Until recently, the Fair Trade label was only seen on products from farms outside the United States. That all changed when Wholesum Harvest, a family-owned farm located in Nogales, Arizona, was certified by Fair Trade USA. Fair … Continue reading

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Who Picks Your Tomatoes? Rethinking the Rights of Farmworkers

By Elena Palermo Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine the United State of America as a space free of all immigrants. Now close your eyes again and think of the same scenario and imagine what your dinner … Continue reading

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From Meatpacking to Technology: How Russell Hirschorn Navigated a Successful Career Path

By Sarah Tuff Dunn Russell Hirschorn has plenty of talking points on his résumé—meat-packer at B. Rosen, webmaster at Bedbathstore.com, and systems analyst at Hess Corporation—before his current seven-year stint at Polaris Management, which provides management and technology consulting services … Continue reading

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