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Two Indignant Chefs: Austin, Texas, and Today’s Menus

Chefs Justine and Esteban spend their days asking what’s happening to good food. They rail against the loss of seasonality, foodies who treat food as too precious, and taste buds that don’t remember simple, elegant flavors. We recently returned from … Continue reading

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Dispatches from Ireland: Exploring What It Means to Be “Locally Global”

Guest blog post from Paeder Casey, who has worked in the food industry since 1988, at Kerry Group, a global food organisation, then, at his own niche consulting business focused on business and organizational development of SME food organisations. Since 2004, … Continue reading

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Why We Decided to Blog

Welcome to the UVM Food Feed, a blog that brings together the voices and expertise of the University of Vermont on a complicated and complex area of study, but one that affects us all – food. We invite you here … Continue reading

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