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A Prescription for Healthy Food in Vermont

By Charlie Mitchell “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Do you believe this old saying? If we, as a state, ate a healthier diet, would we experience fewer issues, and probably spend a lot less on healthcare? If … Continue reading

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Why We Need a National Food Plan

Editor’s note: While UVM is a leading academic institution in the transdisciplinary study of food systems and home to many experts, we also occasionally share the perspectives of our colleagues at other colleges and universities.  By Anne Kapuscinski With this … Continue reading

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UN Report: Farming and Forestry Can Deliver Food Security

Better cooperation between nations’ farming and forestry sectors will help reduce deforestation and improve food security, according to a new United Nations report. The report shows that the greatest net loss of forests and net gain in agricultural land between … Continue reading

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A Hospital Helps Strengthen the Northeast Kingdom Food System

By Taylar Foster How can a hospital contribute to the Northeast Kingdom’s food system? Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital (NVRH) in St. Johnsbury does so by sourcing locally made food from regional producers, offering educational programming to improve eating and cooking … Continue reading

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As Vermont GMO Law Approaches, General Mills Opts to Label Products Nationwide

General Mills announced Friday it will begin labeling products nationwide that contain genetically modified ingredients. The company said that since it will be forced by July 1 to begin labeling for GMOs in Vermont—the result of a state law here—it … Continue reading

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