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UVM Is: Martha Caswell Advocates for Agroecology

Countries around the world, from Senegal to Brazil and the Netherlands, are embracing agroecology to achieve a more sustainable food system and adapt to climate change. But one place where agroecology has yet to go mainstream is the United States. … Continue reading

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Letters from Oaxaca ~ Mexican Plants: Food, Agriculture, and Biodiversity

For a week in March, eleven students with varied backgrounds explored the city of Oaxaca and the nearby Sierra Juarez mountains under the guidance of Plant Biology Assistant Professor Michael Sundue. Professor Michael Sundue with students Julian Lathrop and Beck … Continue reading

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Lessons in Food and Taste from Denmark

By Caitlin Morgan The two craziest things I’ve eaten in Denmark weren’t Danish foods. The first was Swedish: fermented herring, which had been left to stew for three months in a tin can, now bulging at the edges from the … Continue reading

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In Cuba, Only Tourists Drink Mojitos

By Sarah L. Tichonuk  He squatted, waiting tensely but patiently, and then seeing the right moment, he snuck the 9-inch blade under the armpit and into the heart, and withdrew it immediately. The pig reeled and squealed, but within 10 … Continue reading

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Tyler Doggett Explores the Ethics of Food Production and Consumption

Associate Professor Tyler Doggett began teaching the Ethics of Eating at UVM in 2009. Since then, he has written and edited multiple articles and books about the rights and wrongs of the food industry—from labor to consumption to the mixed … Continue reading

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