Flavor, Fermentation & Creativity at Wild Rhythms Farm

UVM Farmer Training graduates Caitlin and Jason Elberson are featured in a recent issue of Seven Days. The couple, who met in a Spanish literature class at Villanova University in 2007, share a love for farming and sustainable living.

At their Marshfield property, Wild Rhythms Farm, the couple makes kimchi, ‘kraut and kvass (fermented beet juice) under the name Sobremesa.

Suzanne Podhaizer of Seven Days writes, “It’s an untranslatable Spanish term best rendered as “time spent lingering around the table after a delicious meal, having food-induced conversations with your companions.” Such a meal can’t be rushed, and neither can fermentation. Like the products they create, which change slowly over time, the Elbersons’ approach to agriculture entails finding rhythms — be they the “wild rhythms” of the land or those of the food community”

The couple graduated from the UVM Farmer Training Program in 2013 (and they were profiled on the UVM Food Feed two years ago).

Read more about Caitlin and Jason in Seven Days.


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