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From Africa to Vermont, and Still Farming

This piece was originally published on the UVM Food Feed in September 2014. Refugees will often give up customs, language, and rituals in their new culture, but seldom their food. David Bonsana, born and raised in the Republic of the … Continue reading

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Tackling the Complexities and Challenges of a Globalized Food System

I was at the UVM Food Systems Summit last week listening to various conversations at packed tables around me. This year’s Summit focused on “What Makes Food Good?” The tables within earshot were trying to wrestle with this definition based … Continue reading

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Why You Need to Watch Cooked, Michael Pollan’s New Netflix Series

In Neil Genzlinger’s Feb 17, 2016, New York Times review of Michael Pollan’s four-part Netflix docu-series based on his book “Cooked,” he writes that Pollan “is food-shaming us again…a gentle sort of shaming, and informative, but unless you’ve previously been … Continue reading

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Heart of Gold: Neil Young Congratulates Vermont for GMO Stance

Rarely do you get wowed these days. We’re surrounded by a constant barrage of scintillating information that distracts us at every turn. That’s why, when I write this, I really mean it when I say that the Neil Young concert … Continue reading

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Cuisine in Transition

An Interview with Julieta Salazar Robert at Villada in Oaxaca, Mexico It’s that time of year again when UVM’s Oaxaca Study Abroad program starts and a curious bunch of undergraduates, from many different majors, come together to learn about Mexico’s … Continue reading

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