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Does Local Purchasing Count? The economics of food system localization

Vermont is seen as a national leader in efforts to use local and regional food systems as an instrument of sustainable community and economic development. Our Farm to Plate Initiative is notable for its legislative backing, broad buy in, and … Continue reading

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Cheap Food Costs the Poor

David Conner is an Assistant Professor in UVM’s department of Community Development and Applied Economics. An article recently crossed my radar that argues that fast food is a bargain for poor people and that we should do all we can … Continue reading

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Tragedies of the Commons in Modern Agriculture

The Tragedy of the Commons is a well-known dilemma to economists. It occurs when several individuals act in a way which is in their own self-interest yet the sum effect is to deplete a valuable resource, leaving all worse off. … Continue reading

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More Food = More Hunger? The Productivist Paradigm Paradox

Can organic agriculture feed the world? Is local food efficient? How do we feed a growing population? Questions like these are posed often in my world. On the surface, the answer is obvious: whatever system grows the most food is … Continue reading

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A Sweet Spot for Good Food

In recent years, our food system has shown dramatic growth in direct markets, where consumers buy food directly from those who produced it. Farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture programs and farm stands are the most common examples. They are vital … Continue reading

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