All Abuzz About Bees

By Amy Davidson

The media has been buzzing with talk of honey bees lately—and rightly so.  These diligent little workers are an important part of the U.S. food system, contributing billions annually to U.S. crop production.  They provide incredible, edible diversity and dynamic ecosystem supports.  However, because of pesticide use, monoculture planting, habitat loss and disease, they are dying in record numbers.  Just imagine what your plate, field, or forest might look like without these hardworking little creatures.

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A Changing Climate: Is the political tide turning?

Today’s post is a bit of a tangent from the usual food topics on which we publish, though it is rooted in the topic of global sustainability. On Monday, I witnessed a moving political event in Massachusetts, when I attended the trial of Jay O’Hara and Ken Ward, who were being charged on 4 counts as a result of a direct action they undertook last year called the Lobster Boat Blockade. On May 15, 2013, Ken and Jay anchored their small white lobster boat the Henry David T between the coal ship the Energy Enterprise and the Brayton Point Power Plant in Somerset, MA, successfully preventing the delivery of 40,000 tons of mountaintop removal coal for an entire day.


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Bridging our (Agri)cultural Gaps

By Chuck Ross

We are in the midst of a pivotal period for American agriculture. Culturally, Americans are increasingly becoming more interested in food and fiber. And yet, less than 2 percent of the population makes a living farming or ranching.  This results in different experiences, perspectives, and understandings between and among the many stakeholders of our agricultural and food systems. Continue reading

Posted in Economic, Environmental, Health, Social | Leave a comment Driving a new model of workplace dining

If you have spent any time in Burlington, VT, you’ve probably heard of The company provides web development services for the auto industry and employs over 800 people in the Burlington area. As a significant local employer, they are known for the workplace benefits they offer their employees, such as a wellness program, an in-house gym, social events for employees, and on-site eateries. I’d heard about the quality local and healthy food being served at those eateries, so I asked for a tour to learn about what they’re up to. After all, who would expect that people who help sell cars would be so passionate about good food?

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Our Bacterial Overlords Kindly Request That We Eat Better

By Stacey Clinesmith

gut-microbiomeDuring the first week of the Breakthrough Leaders in Sustainable Food Systems program, we, the students, were tasked with expanding our understanding of systems, leverage points for effecting change in systems, and networks, as well as the application of these concepts to the work that each of us is doing related to food.

At the end of a week of reading articles, watching videos and discussing these topics, I kept coming back to what I saw as the ideal intersection of systems, leverage points and networks… the gut microbiome. Continue reading

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