Making the Leap from Science to Sheep Farming

Annie Hopper never considered farming as a career. The Houston native, who studied conservation biology at Middlebury College, was going about her life pursuing a profession in science while interning for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife agency in Washington, D.C. But something felt off. Her heart wasn’t in it and she longed to be back in Vermont.


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4 Ways Earth Day is Everyday for Dairy Farmers

By Laura Hardie

Soil health is crucial to the health of our water and food supply, especially as our global population is expected to grow to 9 billion by 2050.

There are lots of environmental groups who work tirelessly to save our soil and water. When you think about these groups, you may not think of dairy farmers. Still, farmers are major conservationists.

While there are skeptics out there who think dairy farmers only care about their bottom line, that’s simply not true. Dairy farmers live on the land they farm. They understand the importance of protecting our natural resources.


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Fun Facts about Eggs

By Alison Kosakowski
Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets

Spring is the egg’s time to shine.

Though they play an important role in baking, quiche, and of course breakfast, the humble egg is often overlooked, or treated like a minor-character in the mealtime plot. But spring is the incredible egg’s time to shine. This week, eggs have been working overtime, hidden in egg hunts, nestled in Easter baskets, and displayed on traditional Passover Seder plates.

In honor of the occasion, the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets is sharing some fun facts about eggs.


According to the USDA Ag Census, Vermont farmers raise about 212,000 layer hens, annually.

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How Hannaford Set the Supermarket Standard for Selling Local Food

Chelsea Wagner wants more consumers to buy local food.

A specialist for Hannaford’s Local program, Wagner works with farmers and producers across the region to give them shelf space at Hannaford supermarkets across five states.


Chelsea Wagner

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Jim Harrison’s ‘A Really Big Lunch’ Will Restore Your Appetite

By Hailey Grohman 

In today’s faddish food culture, self-denial and restraint are the name of the game. Every day a new diet scheme is born; every day the media condemns a different food group. Be like Tom Brady, who doesn’t eat nightshades! Be like your caveman ancestors, and eat only protein! A person could wear themselves out—and many do—trying to keep up with the new “right” way to eat.


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