The Joy of Regulation: Part I

By Ben Tettlebaum

Radithor.squareLate one November afternoon, Eben Byers was heading home to New York from Massachusetts. He had just finished watching Yale skunk Harvard 14-0 in their annual football game. On the ride back, Byers injured his arm. Several weeks later, he was still in pain. A medical professional recommended Radithor.

At first, Byers felt great. He drank a few bottles of Radithor every day for two years. Then, something changed. Byers lost weight. He complained of headaches. His teeth started falling out. The next year, his entire upper jaw, except two front teeth, and most of his lower jaw were gone. Holes formed in his skull. His bone tissue disintegrated. A short time later, Byers was dead. Continue reading

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Getting a Taste of Hop Farming in Vermont

Vermont is better known for its beer than its hops.

With more than 30 breweries in Vermont, including The Alchemist, Hill Farmstead, and Lawson’s Finest Liquids, Vermont has the highest number of craft breweries per capita in the United States. Over the past five years, Vermont has become a wildly popular destination for beer aficionados.

But local hops are a different story. Vermont has only about a dozen small, commercial hop farms as most hop production occurs in the Pacific Northwest. Jessica Heinrich, who graduated from the UVM Farmer Training Program in October, sees an opportunity to change that.

hops-farming Continue reading

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Real Food, Real Forums: The future of UVM dining

By Olivia Peña

With Sodexo’s dining contract ending on June 30, 2015, UVM is currently engaged in a competitive bid process for the next contract. As this change approaches, UVM students, staff, and faculty have an opportunity to affect the next dining contract.  In an unprecedented level of transparency and community involvement, UVM has invited two dining vendors to present their proposals to the UVM community at Open Forums next Monday, November 17.

Dining Vendor Forums Fall 2014 Continue reading

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What Are You Ordering, Michael Pollan?

By Claudia Garber

One week ago at Burlington’s Hen of the Wood restaurant, I shared a meal with Michael Pollan. The gathering was the epilogue to Pollan’s talk at UVM earlier in the evening (summarized in a previous Food Feed post by Eric Garza). Amidst the crackle of the open fire oven, the thick slabs of glossed wood that served as tables, and an air filled with rich aromas, I dined among some of the more prominent food systems characters on campus. After being chosen from the UVM student body to partake in this amazing opportunity, all I could ironically wonder was: what should I get from this elaborate menu? Being the generally outgoing and enthusiastic character that I am, I leaned over to Michael Pollan and asked, as I have so many times to my own mother, “What are you getting?”

Michael Pollan on stage with UVM Professor Amy Trubek. Credit: Sally McCay.

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I’ve been Pollan-ated…

michaelpollanEach year the University of Vermont chooses a book that all first year undergraduates are expected to read. This year they chose Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, by Michael Pollan, a book I reviewed a while back. If Michael Pollan is anything, he’s certainly an excellent storyteller. As part of the curricula associated with Cooked, several groups teamed up to bring Michael Pollan to campus for a question and answer session and book signing this past Thursday evening, and I was lucky enough to attend the event.  Continue reading

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