Farmer Training Student Digs Deep to Advance Her Understanding of Food

Allie Williams learned early on the importance of healthy food. While growing up in Houston and Memphis, her family had always put a big emphasis on cooking and eating right.

But high obesity rates in Memphis, along with a gluten allergy she was diagnosed with in high school, eventually gave Allie the desire to learn more about U.S. food policy.

food policy

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What it Takes to Achieve Food Agency

By Willa Imhoff

I love cooking, but do all 20 year olds feel the same way? In fact, environment, access, and culture makes a big difference in the ability to make choices in regards to food, or as a group of UVM researchers call it, their “food agency.”

Learning to cook in college
Students cooking in the UVM Food Lab.

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Why SNAP-Ed Curriculum Must Empower its Participants to Cook

By Margaret Turvey 

The United States is currently experiencing high rates of food insecurity and obesity. This mounting health crisis underscores the importance of government-funded nutrition programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and SNAP-Ed, for improving the health of low-income Americans.

snap ed curriculum

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Lisa Heldke Uses Food to Teach the Tenets of Dewey

Food is a fundamental source of meaning and value in human life. For scholar Lisa Heldke, food is also the quintessential liberal arts topic.

Heldke co-teaches the UVM John Dewey Kitchen Institute with Continuing and Distance Education Dean Cynthia Belliveau every June. In the program, they emphasize the pedagogical power of the kitchen and how to use cooking to teach any topic within a frame of collaboration and cooperation.

uvm kitchen institute

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By the Numbers: Economic Development in the Local Food Economy

By Jake Claro

When you ask people their definition of the Vermont food economy, they’ll often talk about farms, farmers’ markets or CSAs. What’s often missing from the conversation are the supply chain of local businesses such as distributors, food processors and manufacturers, and seed, feed, and equipment dealers.

local food economy
Photo: Rooted in Vermont

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