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Thought for Food: Food Ethics Textbook Edited by UVM Faculty is the First of its Kind

When was the last time you felt guilty about eating a particular food? Perhaps you were concerned about the people who were involved in the production of the food. Perhaps you were indulging in “junk food,” which you know is … Continue reading

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New Americans and Access to Good Food: What Do We Know and What Aren’t We Asking?

By Cheryl Herrick If you’re paying attention to food systems work and research in recent years, you know that terms like “food access” and “food desert” and “food insecurity” are ones that are used a lot. They stem from concern … Continue reading

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How the Back-to-the-Land Movement Helped Propel Demand for Organic Food

Kate Daloz grew up in a geodesic dome in Glover and lived a rural, do-it-yourself lifestyle with her family. Her counterculture parents, who left Cambridge to flee the trappings of post-war America, found solace in raising a family in the … Continue reading

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