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Exploring Food Systems and Migration in Oaxaca

By Hailey Grohman Telling my friends and family that I’d be spending my winter break in Mexico studying mezcal, an agave spirit much like tequila, didn’t exactly earn me the scholastic respect I might have wanted. Nervous aunts warned me … Continue reading

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Seeds of Change for a Culture Rooted in Corn

I am no stranger to the food culture in Oaxaca, Mexico. Over the past few years, during my month-long stays in this region, I’ve become familiar with local ingredients, agriculture, and the challenges this deeply-rooted culture experiences with modern-day agricultural … Continue reading

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Recipes From a 9,000-Year-Old History in Oaxaca, Mexico

I can hear the clacking of the looms long before I arrive at Pastora’s place.  Vida Nueva is a women’s rug cooperative nestled in the small Zapotec village of Teotitalan de Valle, Mexico.  Pastora is the head of the cooperative, … Continue reading

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