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The Unintentional Chocolatier

During Sarah Fidler’s semester abroad in Paris during her junior year, she wrote a dissertation on pastries and macarons. She was fascinated by the anthropological side of cooking and baking, the history of why certain foods are made in different … Continue reading

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A Changing Climate: Is the political tide turning?

Today’s post is a bit of a tangent from the usual food topics on which we publish, though it is rooted in the topic of global sustainability. On Monday, I witnessed a moving political event in Massachusetts, when I attended … Continue reading

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If you have spent any time in Burlington, VT, you’ve probably heard of The company provides web development services for the auto industry and employs over 800 people in the Burlington area. As a significant local employer, they are known … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Little Island

These days it’s easy to get discouraged about the plight of agricultural resources: we see news about agricultural practices that erode soil, poison ecosystems, and deplete groundwater, all of which spell the demise of irreplaceable natural resources. How much longer … Continue reading

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Photo Journal: The 2014 Food Systems Summit

Those of you who attended last week’s UVM Food Systems Summit already know it was a wild success, with stimulating talks, insightful questions, and delicious food. Today’s post is a photo journal of the event. All photos courtesy of Stephen … Continue reading

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