A Week on the farm: Beauty, bounty and chicks!

by Molly Leebove, UVM Farmer Training Program Staff

Fridays throughout the growing season, we will post a few photos from the past week at UVM’s Catamount Educational Farm and the UVM Farmer Training Program. From these you will get a glimpse of the farm season as it unfolds and witness the evolution of these aspiring farmers as they grow into bonafide farmers.11540912_1033820563318314_1602612215627006370_n10387631_1032436493456721_150557494501738288_n 10501810_1032957140071323_5914094535815647523_n 11705227_1032753970091640_6711138337214045072_n 11750621_1032954993404871_6570399812234802067_n

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