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Social Work Continuing Professional Education Series


The series kicks off  with the workshop, Critical Reflection: How to make Learning from Experience Transformational, running November 14 & 15, 2019.

Is critical reflection the same as reflection? Sometimes reflection can mean nothing more than “thinking about” something, and can remain relatively superficial. However there are more effective, and intentional ways to reflect which can bring about deep seated changes.

Critical reflection is reflection which allows examination of the very deep and hidden assumptions involved in experience, and their connection with power. It is termed “transformational” when it enables fundamental changes in thinking and significant reworking of a guiding approach to practice.

In this two day workshop we will:

  • provide a clear definition of critical reflection and its criteria, to differentiate it from other forms of reflection
  • practice a structured model of critical reflection which has a clear framework, process, tools and goals
  • learn how to bring about transformational learning through critical reflection
  • learn how to learn from experience
  • learn how to use the model in groups, and for self-reflection and supervision

The workshop is highly interactive. After an introduction to the theory and process of critical reflection, the workshop will consist primarily of practice sessions.

The workshop will aim to teach critical reflection through the prism of racial justice issues. All participants will be asked to bring a specific example of their practice which involved race issues. In this way the workshop will both teach about critical reflection but also focus on learning about racial justice in practice.

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