Online Learning: Your Toolbox for Getting Started

From elementary schools to colleges and universities, the coronavirus pandemic has forced institutions across the country to shut down and rely on the internet to deliver classroom content. For many of us, our first experience with “learning online” has been a frustrating exercise in adapting to sudden changes, overseeing our children’s (often confusing) classroom assignments, and figuring out new tools and platforms for course delivery with varying results.

That being said, remote learning and online learning couldn’t be more different. Before the pandemic, UVM had been successfully relying on online learning and creating seamless content to reach thousands of students and assist them in reaching their personal and professional goals with our convenient and flexible programs and courses designed to meet the needs and demands of the new traditional student.

Now, more than ever, there has never been a better time to be an online student at UVM. Easy-to-use, readily available digital learning tools create an educational environment where personalized learning for all is now possible. We are here to provide precision teaching and learning support to help all faculty and students achieve their full potential. Our aim is to provide you access to the resources you need and to help you develop the knowledge and skills required for success in the digital world.

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