PACE works with UVM’s Colleges and Schools to offer innovative, inclusive programs for a variety of audiences. 

Extending access to the University’s academic resources and student services, PACE supports the diverse education and training needs of pre-college students, transfer undergraduates, pre-graduate, professionals, and UVM students participating in a range of travel programs throughout the world. Professional and Continuing Education is also the central support unit for distance and online education which provides greater access to students who cannot come to campus.

Professional and Continuing Education actively provides information locally, regionally, and nationally about its programs in an effort to draw a more diverse population to UVM. PACE’s marketing and recruitment plans continue to embrace diversity in its broadest forms, encompassing racial and ethnic diversity, gender identity diversity, socioeconomic diversity, and inclusiveness based on religion, Veteran status, sexual orientation and physical ability.

PACE also provides training for staff several times per year on how to embrace a culture of diversity and inclusiveness. PACE has an open communication policy with staff. Staff are required to meet standards of diversity and inclusion as part of their annual employee performance evaluation.