Actuary consistently ranks in the top 10 of all US jobs. No graduate degree is required, and the role promises high salary and job-growth potential.

UVM’s Pre-Actuarial Certificate is for students with strong math skills and an undergraduate degree who want to pass the Actuarial Science certification exams and work as an actuary. Courses are also for professionals with strong quantitative backgrounds, college degrees, and an interest in this field.

Classes are specifically designed to prepare you for the Actuarial Science exams and are taught by instructors with academic backgrounds and industry experience.

Students often begin working as actuaries after passing the initial one or two exams. Companies often pay for employees’ remaining exams or offer salary increases for each exam passed.

Traditionally, actuaries worked in insurance. Now they’re working in healthcare, consulting, business, and government. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website for employment, salary, and certification information.


The following courses are offered in the Actuarial Science Certificate:

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Tuition rates for the academic year are published online each semester on the Student Financial Services website.


Being an actuary is a desirable career with relatively high pay and comfortable working conditions. It is a desirable occupation for career changers, displaced workers, unemployed and underemployed individuals with strong quantitative skills. Actuaries need a Bachelor’s degree, and students must complete coursework in economics, applied statistics, and corporate finance, as well as pass a series of exams to become certified professionals.

The work of actuaries is essential to the insurance industry. Actuaries analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty. They use mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to assess the risk that an event will occur and then help businesses and clients develop policies that minimize the cost of that risk.

VA Benefits

The University of Vermont is able to certify VA benefits for this program. If you intend to use VA benefits for this program, please apply to the program and contact UVM’s Veterans Affairs Coordinator, David Carlson, via email at or by phone at (802) 656-0581 to inform the university of these intentions.