The demand for cybersecurity skills is growing in government, private companies and other organizations such as universities and non-profits. It is critical for organizational leaders and managers, as well as IT professionals, to be prepared to anticipate the wide-ranging impacts of a cybersecurity breach, understand how to mitigate them, and learn to prevent them in the future.

This certificate is designed to develop a comprehensive foundation in the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Whether you are new to computer science, or are interested in adding cybersecurity to your undergraduate degree, this is a highly desirable credential.

Courses are offered online and the certificate includes a deliberate selection of foundational computer science courses, including programming, web, and database development, as well as cybersecurity coursework covering both the technical and conceptual aspects of cybersecurity. A reliable computer is essential in order to complete the coursework.

This is one of the track options for our Computer Software Certifiate. To learn about all of our tracks offered, please see our Computer Software Certificate webpage.

Please see the UVM Center for Computer Security and Privacy for more information about additional education and research opportunities in this field.