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Education from the University of Vermont Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) comes with the assurance that you’re getting access to high-caliber and cutting-edge courses. UVM faculty include groundbreaking researchers, innovators and business entrepreneurs who all share a common passion for connecting with students and sharing their experiences.

When you work with us, you can:

  • Receive consulting services to create a training plan.
  • Access a large selection of online asynchronous courses.
  • Create custom-built learning programs based on your organization’s priorities.

Companies who’ve worked with us

  • Agri-Mark / Cabot
  • Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC)
  • Dow Chemical
  • GlobalFoundries
  • Lawson’s
  • MVP Health Care
  • NEKS (Northeast Kingdom)
  • State of Vermont

Funding Resources & Grants 

To support continued training and upskilling, the state of Vermont offers several resources and grants. 

  • The Vermont Training Program may cover up to 50% of the training costs or wages. Note: UVM PACE can provide employers with assistance on both grant writing and management.  
  • Green Mountain Job Retention Program is a student loan forgiveness program (up to $5,000) if the student, after graduating either in December 2023 or June 2024 with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, lives and works in Vermont for two years.  
  • Grants from the Northern Border Regional Commission, the Vermont Department of Labor, and VSAC Advancement Grant.  
  • Supportive Tax Policy: the modernization of Vermont’s tax law (effective July 1st, 2022) saves manufacturers money to reinvest in, for example, training for workforce retention and recruitment.   

Host A Micro-Internship

UVM students are creative, capable world citizens – and they make excellent employees.

Micro-internships offer a proven way for your company to connect with PACE students who are interested in working on short-term, paid, professional projects and for you to build flexible workforce capacity.

What is a micro-internship? 

A micro-internship is a short-term professional assignment. Unlike traditional internships, these paid projects can be offered at any point during the year, typically range from 10 – 40 hours of work, and are due to be completed within a week to a month from the time they are posted.

How will micro-internships benefit my company? 

Beyond offering opportunities for PACE students to gain experience and demonstrate their skills, Micro-Internships also provide you or your colleagues with immediate support on short-term tasks. In addition, Micro-Internships support your recruiting efforts, helping you identify, assess, and build relationships with students who may be prospective job candidates.

Micro-Internships can be completed across all departments including:

  • Sales/Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Strategy

Getting Started

PACE has partnered with Parker Dewey to help enhance talent sourcing and candidate selection for micro-internships. Employers utilize our Parker Dewey page to create an account, post projects, and search for prospective student candidates. Through this system, students are not your employees or contractors, making it easy to provide these opportunities on demand.

To learn more and post projects, visit PACE Micro-Internships.

If you have any questions, please contact Maureen Hebert.

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