If you’re thinking about working in healthcare, UVM’s Post-Baccalaureate Medical Laboratory Science Program can help you achieve your goal. Our Medical Laboratory Science Program helps educate, train, and graduate professionally competent, ethical individuals committed to lifelong learning and prepared to meet current and future workplace challenges in medical laboratory science.

Students who complete the program (all courses are taught on campus, not online) are eligible to take the American Society for Clinical Pathology certification exam, required for work in many clinical diagnostic laboratories, and will be prepared to demonstrate:

  • Competency to perform a full range of testing in contemporary medical labs
  • Proficiency to problem-solve, troubleshoot, interpret results, use statistical approaches to evaluate data, and participate in developing and evaluating test systems and interpretive algorithms
  • Professional conduct as a member of the healthcare team
  • Effective communication skills to ensure accurate and appropriate information transfer
  • Administrative knowledge of quality assurance, quality improvement, laboratory education, fiscal resource management/operations, information management, and clinical decision making
  • Application of safety and governmental standards as applied to medical laboratory practice

Call 802-656-3811 or email bhsc@uvm.edu for more information. Please note this is an “On Campus only” program.

Also available from UVM:  Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science