Whether you are a recent college graduate or are exploring a career change, UVM’s nationally recognized and accredited graduate programs offer you a flexible, high-quality pathway into a teaching career.

Each graduate program emphasizes real-world, hands-on, sustained and mentored teaching internships. Throughout the graduate program, you will work in schools under the mentorship of high-quality teachers to try out some of the innovative, research-based methods and strategies you are learning in your UVM courses.

UVM’s graduate programs offer pathways to becoming a teacher in the specialties of

Considering the age group and content area that most interests you is important as you select a program. UVM faculty and staff are here to help you decide.

Upon completion of the master’s program, you will have fulfilled professional education requirements for Vermont state licensure in one or more of the following disciplines:

  • English
  • Foreign Language (French, Spanish, and Latin)
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics)
  • Special Education

Dual licensure is also possible for those students who meet the content requirements for multiple subject areas.

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There are no courses that meet this criteria.

    There are no courses that meet this criteria.

    Students interested in learning more about a career pathway into teaching through the graduate programs described above, should visit the detailed graduate program pages contained on the College of Education and Social Services.

    Students who have not yet enrolled in a graduate degree program, but are interested in taking a course through any one of these programs should follow the Registration button at the top of this page.