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Get College Credits in High School

Pre-College Courses

High school students can choose from hundreds of UVM courses in a variety of learning formats, and experience college life while earning credits.

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Program Snapshot

Fall Start Date

August 26, 2024

Fall Application Deadline


Spring Start Date

January 13, 2025

Spring Application Deadline


Summer Start Date

May 19, 2025

Summer Application Deadline


Application Deadlines

Deadlines are a week prior to the course start dates

How Often

Offered every semester

Learning Format

On Campus, Online



VA Benefit Eligible





Up to 4


For students who want to take college classes in high school

UVM offers motivated students an academically challenging experience designed to bring out their best. Our faculty are gifted teachers who inspire students to earn college credits in high school and explore their potential.

High school students (sophomores through the summer after graduation) may earn college credit in one or more courses alongside peers and other UVM students. UVM offers entry-level courses online and on campus year-round in a variety of subject areas. 

How it works

Earn credits that apply to high school and college graduation requirements and are transferable within UVM and to many other institutions.

What sets UVM apart  

A Pre-College course at UVM can have a dramatic impact on your life.  It could be what rockets you forward on a career path you had never considered before, what helps make college more affordable, or what makes your college applications stand out to admission officers.

Here are the top reasons high school students take college courses at UVM.

Discover New Options

You can earn credits like you would from an AP class, with courses not typically offered in high school, and discover new ideas and major or career possibilities.

Earn College Credits for Less

College courses are 50 percent off for high school students. Plus, you may be able to learn at UVM for free (fees may apply) with Vermont Dual Enrollment.

Feel Confident in Your Abilities

Not only will you stand out to admissions officers, but you’ll also demonstrate to yourself that you’re capable of succeeding in college.


Who Should Apply

  • High school students in 10th, 11th, 12th grade, or graduates the summer after 12th grade
  • Highly-motivated students interested in being challenged by college-level academics
  • Students interested in attending the University of Vermont
  • Students who want to explore a field of study
  • Busy athletes whose schedule requires flexibility

“I took Calculus 1 over the summer and found it very beneficial because I had just taken it in high school so it was pretty easy and it let me jump right into Calculus 2 in the fall. As a math major, this jump-started my college career in a great way. I was also going into college as a 16 almost 17-year-old, so the program helped ease me into college life and prepare for the real thing.”

Olivia Myers Lisbon, NH
TermPre-College Applications OpenVermont Dual Enrollment Vouchers OpenRegistration OpensPre-College Application DeadlineTerm Start Date
Summer 2024Early December2/16/20242/29/2024Rolling, 1 week prior to course start.1st session 5/20/2024 (multiple sessions)
Fall 2024Early April 20244/12/20244/18/20248/19/20248/26/2024
Spring 2025Early November 2024Mid-November (TBD)Late November (TBD)Early January (TBD)Mid-January (TBD)

How to Apply:

  1. Check out Pre-College Course Listing for the semester/term.
  2. If you are an eligible Vermont high school junior or senior planning to use a Dual Enrollment Voucher, connect with your School Counselor and apply for a voucher for the specific course through the Vermont Agency of Education. Once approved for a voucher number, continue to step 3. If you are not eligible or will not be using a voucher, proceed to step 3.
  3. On the Pre-College Course Listing, click the radio button next to your desired course/section, click “Apply for your selected course,” and then proceed to complete the Pre-College Course Application.

You will receive an email confirmation from the UVM Registrar’s Office once your Application has been processed. Typically, this takes 3-4 business days during the registration period. However, it may take longer if the registration period has not opened yet or if we need to secure overrides for your course selection. You can email us with any questions at!


Year-round opportunities to discover your potential 

When you enroll in a course at UVM as a high school student, you’ll be taking actual college courses taught by professors who are renowned in their fields, and you’ll learn alongside current college students. Choose from courses not offered in high school and find out more about, for example, the impact of climate change on agriculture, discover your passion for international relations or learn American Sign Language (ASL). There are a wide range of options to choose from. 

Courses in the summer are shorter than courses during the regular school year with smaller class sizes, giving you the opportunity to more deeply connect with faculty and peers.

Explore the full course listing or choose a semester below to get started. You can choose to learn online or in person.

Student Stories

South Burlington High School Student Explains How She Took Advantage of Vermont Dual Enrollment

“I could have taken AP Language and Composition during high school to get that English credit and that could transfer to college if I did well on the AP exam. However, that didn’t really fit well into my high school schedule, and I wanted to have a free block in my schedule, so I thought how can I get this credit a different way? And that’s how I came across dual enrollment and taking the class in the summer.”

Julia Sides


High school students have the opportunity to enroll in UVM courses, gain college credits, and receive a 50 percent in-state/out-of-state academic year tuition reduction. Vermont students can take two courses with tuition fully reimbursed through Vermont Dual Enrollment. 

Access to UVM summer and academic year courses is on a space-available basis, and students should register for the course at least 3 weeks before the course starts.

  • The cost depends on whether you are in-state, out-of-state, or using Vermont dual enrollment vouchers. See the options below.
  • Students are responsible for all comprehensive fees, course fees, books, parking, and transportation to/from the University.
  • Interested high school students are required to obtain an endorsement from their guidance counselor.

For more information please contact our main line at 802-656-2085 or email

In-State Vermont High School Students – Using Dual Enrollment Vouchers

Dual Enrollment – Students must request their voucher before applying.
A voucher only covers the cost of tuition (up to four credits). Students are responsible for the Comprehensive Fee and, if applicable, specific lab/studio/program fees. Please go to Tuition and Fees and refer to “**Part-Time Student Fees.”

In-State Vermont High School Students

2023-2024 Price= $339 per credit (plus any fees)
This is the 50% discounted rate
In-state high school students who do not qualify for the Dual Enrollment program or who have already used their vouchers have the opportunity to enroll in UVM courses, gain college credits, and receive a 50% in-state academic year tuition reduction. Please go to Tuition and Fees and refer to “Rates for Pre-College Programs: High School Student Reduced Tuition Program” and “**Part-Time Student Fees.”

Out of State High School Students

2023-2024 Price= $860 per credit (plus any fees)
This is the 50% discounted rate
This program offers out-of-state high school students the opportunity to enroll in UVM courses, gain college credits, and receive a 50% out-of-state academic year tuition reduction. Please go to Tuition and Fees and refer to “Rates for Pre-College Programs: High School Student Reduced Tuition Program” and “**Part-Time Student Fees.”

Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines

For Summer University courses, the add/drop deadlines and withdrawal periods vary by class. These dates are available on the Important Dates tab on the course description page.

For more information and answers to common questions regarding payment see our FAQ.

Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?

A statewide program for high school juniors and seniors, to access up to two college courses with tuition fully reimbursed through a voucher system approved by their high schools.

Voucher requests for summer courses open in mid-February, and vouchers for fall courses open in mid-April

A voucher only covers the cost of tuition (up to four credits). Students are responsible for the Comprehensive Fee and, if applicable, specific lab/studio/program fees. Please go to Tuition and Fees and refer to “**Part-Time Student Fees.”

The Cost of parking, books, and transportation to/from the University is not included.

  • In addition to Summer Academy, many University of Vermont courses are available through this program including Calculus, Computer Science, Human Biology, Psychology, and English. Courses are offered during the summer and academic school year, online and on campus.
  • Funding is dependent on Vermont Legislative approval.
  • For more information, contact our main office: (phone) 802-656-2085 (email)

Who’s Eligible?

High school students who are Vermont state residents are eligible for two vouchers during their junior or senior years in high school. Students are not eligible to use a voucher the summer after they have graduated from high school. Students must apply for a voucher for the semester they wish to enroll in a dual enrollment course and seek approval by their high school. Students who attend an independent high school and whose tuition is not paid for by their hometown, are not eligible for a voucher.

Program Detail

  • The voucher covers the cost of tuition for up to a 4-credit course at any of the participating colleges. The voucher does not cover the costs of materials and textbooks. Some funding is available through VSAC, to help cover these additional costs, for students who are eligible for free and reduced-price lunch.
  • Vouchers are awarded on a semester-by-semester basis, and unused vouchers expire every semester. (You can apply again.)
  • Students must apply for a voucher whether they take a course on a college campus, online, or take a course at their high school for college credit.
  • Students must get approval for a dual enrollment course from their high school to ensure they will receive high school credit. (For a voucher to pay for a college course, it must count as credit towards graduation at the student’s high school.)
  • If a student changes their mind and wants to attend a different college, the student needs to apply for another voucher.
  • If the student drops the course within the college or university’s published add/drop period, the voucher will not be applied, and it is available for use in a different semester.

For more information, please visit the State of Vermont Agency of Education Dual Enrollment Website. Apply for a voucher through the Vermont Agency of Education

Charlie at UVM Explains How Dual Enrollment Works

Student Support

UVM Pre-College Enrichment Learning Community 

Precollege student on UVM campus bench

As part of your Pre-College learning experience, you will have access to the UVM Pre-College Enrichment Online Learning Community, designed as a resource to support your UVM courses. You will be part of this community to receive important information about academic updates and deadlines, develop your study and learning skills, and explore the many resources and opportunities provided through UVM and other organizations.

A peek at what is offered through the Online Learning Community:

  • Orientation
    • An online introduction to the Community, tech tools, and effective online learning to prepare you for your courses.
  • Virtual UVM Tour
  • UVM Library Access
  • Connection to UVM Resources
    • ADA/ACCESS accommodations
    • Tutoring Center
    • Undergraduate Writing Center
    • Center for Health & Well-Being


As a high school student, you are enrolled at the University of Vermont through Professional and Continuing Education. Your designated status is as a non-degree PACE student with rights and privileges to UVM resources. Benefits include access to: Library, Parking, CATcard, Campus & Community Transportation, UVM Athletic events and more.

A 95 number is your UVM Student ID number. This is how you are identified in the UVM Banner System. You can find your 95 number in your “myUVM” portal page.

Go to and select “Activate Your UVM NetID Account”.   You will be asked to enter your 95# or SSN# and your date of birth.  After the system recognizes you with a welcome message, you will be asked to set up a password.

Your NetID, which typically is 8 letters using your first initial and part of your last name (though this may vary – some have two numbers before the initial), is used to log into the web-based student system located at the “myUVM” portal, to do many things such as register for a course, check your bill, or request a transcript.

The first time you enter “myUVM”, you will be asked to create a security question. If in the future you forget your password, click on “Password help” and choose the right option for resetting your password.

Your Student ID is your 95# which is always a 9 digit number. You’ll need this number to get your CATcard and activate your UVM email the very first time.  In the future, you will need to use it when you ask a professor for electronic permission to register for a class.

Your UVM email is activated when you activate your NetID.  You will have two email addresses, one of which is an alias, like and  They are the same account.

UVM email is UVM’s official method of contact with students and staff.  It is very important that you regularly check your UVM email or forward it to another email account that you check regularly. Once you have activated your UVM email, you can read your email via the web at or you can access it in your myUVM account.  Important messages from UVM, such as class cancellation notices, billing, announcements of special events, and financial aid communications will only be sent to your UVM email address. UVM professors also use email to notify you of any pre-class assignments or requirements. Billing notifications will ONLY be sent to your UVM email.   It is extremely important to activate your UVM email and check it regularly.

As a student, you have access to the web-based student information system (SIS). You can access this system by going to myUVM at:

This myUVM portal link is available in the top right of every page on the UVM website. You can access myUVM using your netID and password, which you also use to access your UVM email.

Our website works best on the most updated version of google chrome web browser. If you are having issues, please update your web browser or use a different browser.

We do have waitlists available for most courses we offer. To request to be put on the waitlist you must still have an application for the course. If the course is full, you can still select the course and apply as normal.