The University of Vermont’s Artisan Cheese & Sensory Fundamentals Professional Certificate is a foundational 4-week online program for cheesemongers, food systems professionals, and aspiring cheesemakers.

This one-of-a-kind online program focuses on the foundations of cheese and sensory evaluation.

Throughout the world, Vermont is recognized as a leader in the dairy and cheese industry. Tapping into the well regarded cheese industry that Vermont is known for, the 4-week program will support the educational needs of cheesemongers, aspiring cheesemakers, restaurant staff, and food systems professionals. There are no prerequisites and it is ideal for those new to the cheese industry or those who have some basic knowledge, but want a more holistic foundation.

UVM’s Professional Certificate program has been created for:

  • Aspiring cheesemakers who desire to grow and professionalize
  • Chefs and restaurant staff wishing to expand knowledge on artisan cheese
  • Cheesemongers who want to learn more about cheese and sensory evaluation
  • Food systems professionals, especially those in cheese food sales

UVM’s Professional Certificate is designed to:

  • Teach students about different categories of cheese, rind development and aging
  • Help beginning cheesemakers, cheesemongers, and other people working within the food system build knowledge around types of cheeses and the foundations of cheese
  • Introduce students to the various career pathways in the cheese industry
  • Equip students with the ability to conduct sensory evaluations for different types of cheese

If have any questions about UVM’s Artisan Cheese & Sensory Fundamentals Professional Certificate, give us a call at 802-656-2085 or fill out the form to the right.