Daily Schedule
8:00 – 8:30am – Registration and Breakfast
8:30am – Session Begins
10:15am – Morning Break
12:00 – 1:00pm – Lunch
2:15pm – Afternoon Break
4:30pm – Session Commences



Project Management

Instructor: Annmarie Curley, PMP

This seminar provides best practices and a hands-on application of project management tools, techniques and templates to use immediately in the workplace to benefit projects.

Projects typically involve team members from many different departments, agencies or organizations, in addition to requiring one or more vendors, and possibly even patient or client participation.

Managing a diverse team requires a highly organized approach, and skillful communication techniques.

As a result of this seminar participants will develop these skills and learn how to kick of a project, build a team, define roles and responsibilities, manage resources, manage a meeting and actions resulting from a meeting, communicate effectively, manage risks as well as budget management and other critical tools required for a project manager.

Participants should come prepared for this highly interactive session with 1-2 example projects that they can use for the hands-on exercises.

Healthcare Management and Strategy

Instructor: Catherine Howland Hamilton, Ph.D.

In this seminar, participants will develop the tools and strategies to become effective managers and leaders given the major issues, challenges and opportunities facing health service managers and practitioners today.  Topics covered will include assessing the environment and stakeholder needs as well as developing the strategy.

This seminar will provide an overview of the steps required to develop and implement a Strategic Plan.  Traditional measures, such as financial results must be balanced with the customer perspective, internal operational processes, information technology and the employee perspective.

Participants will learn how to effectively move from the development of a high level strategic plan to implementation of organizational goals and objectives in health care organizations using a balanced scorecard and strategy map.

In health care organizations, the imperative for better, more consistent execution is stronger today than ever.  This seminar will explore the reasons that strategic plans are not consistently executed and identify methods to improve implementation.  Given the uncertainty in the health care environment, strategies to deal with change and developing “Plan B” will also be addressed.

Change Management

Instructor: Shelly Masson

In healthcare, change is constant, and having experience managing change is often not enough to guide and implement change successfully. In this seminar, learn how to plan a change process, lead people through transitions, and adapt to shifting circumstances.  We use a checklist, adapted from Atul Gawande’s well-acknowledged work on using checklists to improve health care and health care systems. In a highly interactive day, you practice using tools that go along with each checklist item, so you guide change with agility and success. Find out what works – and what doesn’t – when planning and leading people through change. You’ll leave with frameworks and tools you can immediately use in your organization.


  • Learn what makes for successful and failed change initiatives.
  • Learn to use the Change Checklist, along with practical tools, for planning and implementing change.
  • Prepare for and anticipate resistance to change.
  • Apply what you learn to your own organization’s change initiatives.

Data Driven Decision Making: Management by Fact

Instructor: Kathleen Letendre

Managing with data releases the vast potential that exists in healthcare organizations to take a quantum leap to unprecedented results through a shared understanding about the facts and thereby more productive discussions and actions. In this seminar leaders and managers in healthcare organizations will use practical exercises to learn new ways of thinking based on an understanding of process and process variation.

Leading and Developing Employees

Instructor: Markey Read

The leader’s role in inspiring, growing and supporting employees is critical to organizational success.

In this seminar we will discuss the challenges leaders have coaching and managing employees.

You will learn how to respond to these challenges in a manner that is supportive of employee growth and performance improvement.

We will examine how leaders help create the conditions that inspire and motivate employees to do their best.

You will come away from this seminar with new insights into your personal leadership, practical tools to support employee development and a challenge to create a higher level of engagement with the people you lead.