Credible, research-based education on how to improve your body’s health and performance

Examine the link between nutrition and exercise and health and performance in UVM’s Fitter, Faster Stronger course. Students will explore a variety of exercise and nutrition-related topics, including the basics of calories and macronutrients, food label “literacy,” weight management, dietary supplements, designing an exercise plan, goal setting, and popular diets.

The course covers nutrition basics and current diet trends, and how to optimize health and performance. Students will learn how to assess their individual nutrition and wellness needs based on lifestyle factors and training demands, ultimately gaining an understanding of how to meet these needs now and in the future. No prior knowledge of nutrition is required.

This is a 4-week online course intended for those interested in learning how to improve their health, fitness, and athletic performance. A major goal of this course is to have the student understand the effect of nutrition and exercise in health and athletic performance.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Evaluate your current diet and make necessary changes to meet your personal health and fitness goals.
  2. Use basic principles of health and wellness to develop an informed, personal approach to fitness and overall wellbeing.
  3. Create goals and develop strategies to encourage positive behavior change.
  4. Explain the physiology, fundamentals, and basic adaptations of aerobic exercise and strength training.
  5. Analyze the quality of various foods and the effect they have on overall health.
  6. Analyze the benefits of various diets and supplements.