Sequence Overview

Through the Educational Technology Online Sequence program, you’ll explore the best practices and philosophies around using technology to build a standards- and inquiry-based curriculum. UVM’s Educational Technology Online Sequence aligns with the International Society for Technology in Education’s National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for students and teachers. Our program is designed for Vermont and out-of-state licensed teachers, as well as others seeking to learn more about technology in the classroom. Vermont teachers may use the program to obtain a technology integration specialist endorsement on their license; out-of-state teachers may meet guidelines for instructional technology or educational technology certification or endorsement in their own states by virtue of this program.

Path to Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. You can take individual or a series of courses. You do not need to be enrolled in a specific program of study. However, if you’re interested in applying to a degree program, please see the College of Education and Social Services Master’s program site. To apply to the Master’s program, you must submit an online application through the UVM Graduate College.