Oaxaca Semester Abroad

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For assistance, please contact Shilpa Dewoolkar at ceshilpa@uvm.edu or (802) 656-8775.

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Academic Eligibility

Students with a cumulative GPA under a 2.5 and above a 2.0 may seek permission to study abroad by submitting an Academic Eligibility Form (AEF) to their Academic Dean's office for consideration. Contact OIE to make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to discuss eligibility requirements and to pick up an AEF.
To be eligible to apply to study abroad for a semester or more, a student must meet eligibility requirements for both UVM as well as for the approved study abroad program
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This program includes rigorous physical conditions (heat, humidity, hiking on uneven ground, long bus rides, sleeping on dirt floors, etc.). We do not make acceptance decisions on the basis of physical ability. This is for our information so that we can begin planning ahead for accommodations.

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