Wondering which metrics are the ‘important’ ones? Not sure how to explain the data you are seeing, or how to take next steps with it? Do you have trouble deciphering whether or not a marketing campaign really worked?

Free webinar: Wednesday, March 6 at 12 Noon. RSVP today!

Increase your knowledge and usage of web analytics, particularly Google Analytics, with subject matter experts currently in the field. Building on Academy for Ads and supplemental content, UVM offers a deeper dive into web analytics and data through a series of instructor-guided weekly sessions offered fully online for five weeks. Instructors will provide supplemental readings, assignments to apply strategies, personal insight into the field, discussions, and feedback to help you create an analytical foundation applicable to many roles and fields.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to identify key performance indicators within the data and contextual supports
  • Mapping data to key performance indicators, strategies, and objectives
  • Identification of ancillary factors impacting your data set
  • How to work with trends to identify patterns versus standard fluctuations
  • Data combinations for more robust outputs (e.g. segments, filters, dimensions, custom views)
  • Presenting data in digestible formats
  • Data presentation structures – report types (sheets, docs, slides), frequency, update methods (manual, automated)
  • Creating actionable insights
  • Developing baselines and projections

Who Should Enroll:

  • Digital Marketers looking to deepen their understanding of how to identify and use data to support their campaign planning and performance
  • Analysts who want to leverage data as a way to better understand how their website is being used, by whom, and in what ways for better reporting
  • Business professionals who want to create connections between offline and online data for a whole-world view of their business
  • Individuals who wish to enhance their analytics knowledge by delving deeper into basic (and some more comprehensive) data functions, featuring Google Analytics, but applicable across multiple analytics platforms

What You Will Receive:

  • Access to the Analytics course materials (videos, readings, workbooks)
  • Weekly instructor presentation to review previous material, and introduce and explain new material
  • Discussion board for weekly assignments, along with peer and instructor support
  • Office hours to set up one-on-one conversations with your instructor
  • Access to supplementary reading and training materials
  • Certificate of Completion from UVM