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Through a proud partnership with MindEdge, Inc., UVM Professional and Continuing Education is pleased to offer a variety of concise, affordable, and self-paced online courses designed to help you enhance your credentials, earn professional credits, or explore an area of career interest while balancing the demands of your busy life.

Timely, relevant, and created for 21st century business, MindEdge courses have been employed by more than two million learners seeking to enhance their professional growth.

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These days, project management is multidimensional depending on the project, industry, and team. MindEdge's Agile program of coursework teaches the principles Agile Project Management, an iterative, skinnied-down approach to project management for teams that must move quickly. Add this approach to your project management toolbox to be even more marketable to businesses and valued within your organization.

Business Analysis

MindEdge Business Analysis courses help you develop solutions that address business needs and add value to your organization. As you prepare for career-enhancing certifications and accreditations, you will gain insight into approaches that integrate business analysis principles into plans and programs that meet stakeholder needs and fulfill organizational requirements.


Good communication skills can make a deal, can make a career, can make you more money.

The ability to organize and present ideas is always in high demand. MindEdge's Business Communication certificate and coursework prepares you to become a skilled communicator, teaching you to form persuasive arguments, present information, write error-free emails and documents, and stand-out as a professional.

Computer Applications

Technology has revolutionized business communications, and workers across all industries are now expected to demonstrate, at the very least, a basic level of computer literacy. In addition to understanding how to search the Internet and use word processing programs, workers can expand their career potential by mastering more advanced computer applications, such as spreadsheets and slideshows. Focusing on Microsoft Office software, these courses will guide learners through the tools and techniques needed to create products that both inform and impress.

Cybersecurity & CISSP

As more businesses migrate their data and services online, the need for cybersecurity training is greater than ever. MindEdge offers a range of introductory to advanced training for IT professionals. These courses cover topics from Cloud data security to cryptography, malware to risk management, and everything in between.

Data Analytics

Modern business software produces mountains of data; it's up to the professional to examine it and draw meaningful conclusions. MindEdge's Data Analytics certificate and coursework will teach the fundamentals of quantitative analysis so that you can read the trends in your spreadsheets to convert them to thoughtful business decisions.

Emerging Technologies

Today's professional landscape has seen a steady influx of new and exciting technological advancements that promise to revolutionize a variety of industries. Managers must be familiar with what emerging technologies may impact their organizations and networks and how these developments can be leveraged to boost their workers' performance. These courses will explore a range of emerging technologies—including artificial intelligence, robotics, and blockchain—and consider some of the potential legal and ethical concerns that may accompany their implementation in the workplace.


Entrepreneurs can grow their seedling ideas into fully fledged businesses. Some think it's magic, while others understand that entrepreneurial practices and philosophies can be learned. This course teaches anyone with an adventurous spirit how to navigate the waters of entrepreneurship, from ideology to business planning.

Fast Company

Fast Company is the world's leading progressive business media brand, with a unique editorial focus on innovation in technology, leadership, and design. Fast Company's self-paced online courses, powered by MindEdge, are designed for busy professionals looking to future-proof their career.


MindEdge's Finance certificate and coursework guide learners to organize and interpret the financial health of a business. From budgeting, the time value of money, risk, and ROI, learners gain the ability to read financial data and turn those insights into impactful decisions that move the business forward.

HR Management

HR is both the glue that holds a business together and the grease that keeps its gears turning smoothly. It is the management of people; caring for their health and safety, managing their financial investment in the company, and fostering their growth within the organization and beyond. MindEdge's HR certificate and coursework will give you a well-rounded foundation in the human resource management sector to keep your organization's most valuable assets–its people–working as smoothly as you do.

Inc. Magazine

Inc. is the only major business magazine edited exclusively to guide CEOs and owners of small-to-midsize companies to success. Inc. provides fresh, insightful analyses to give the major players in the business world the tools they need to excel. Inc. Magazine's self-paced online courses, powered by MindEdge, are designed for deliver real solutions for today's innovative company builders.

International Trade

Most businesses today operate on the global scale. The MindEdge International Trade program delves into the five realms of global trade, from documentation, legal and regulatory, compliance, intercultural awareness, technology, and resources. The suite of courses prepares learners to take NASBITE's Certified Global Business Professional™ exam.


Learn how to transform your natural charisma and enthusiasm into leadership skills. MindEdge's leadership certificate and coursework discusses the theories of leadership and offers real-world practical explanations and definitions. The courses drill down into leading teams, leading through change, and the importance of work-life balance.


Our management courses help you build the tools to successfully manage and build the skills to develop a management style that fits your personality and goals. From effective negotiation tactics to navigating business ethics to time and conflict management, the skills taught in our management courses span all industries and are the foundational to management success.


MindEdge's Marketing courses will teach you the tips to running a successful marketing campaign. Courses will teach you the basic principles of marketing and the technical elements of digital marketing, including: Social media marketing, Search engine optimization, marketing automation, and web analytics. Become more Marketable with a MindEdge Marketing Certificate.

Non-Profit Management

Whether you run a nonprofit and need staff training, or are building your own skills, MindEdge's certificate program and courses in nonprofit management offer a comprehensive training program in topics from volunteer development and grant writing to fundraising and budgeting. Do a better job of doing good, with a Nonprofit Certificate from MindEdge.

Personal Enrichment

Most of us have a story to tell, and every one of us, by virtue of being human, has experiences and insights that are worth retelling. With the creative writing courses offered by MindEdge you can explore a new interest, grow your creativity, feed your passion through creative writing.

Project Management

These project management courses and simulations will teach you the best practices for running a project and ensuring success. The courses cover the domains of project management and can prepare you for high-stakes certification tests. Our courses carry PDUs across PMI's talent triangle and span introductory and intermediate topics.

Small Business Management

Managing a small business is no small task. Learn the critical skills for managing your small business's finances, human resource challenges, and marketing efforts.

Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs

This course reviews the strategic issues that an entrepreneur faces while starting a new venture or business and highlights the questions about market acceptance that must be answered during every stage of the entrepreneurial process.

Sustainable Management

MindEdge's sustainable management courses deliver the tools and knowledge to make meaningful changes in your management approach toward sustainable business practices. The courses provide in-depth on learning on corporate social responsibility, triple bottom line accounting, leadership, ethics, and measuring your sustainable management performance.

Web Design

These courses will introduce you to the essentials you need for crafting a well-designed and responsive website. You'll learn about design principles, user experiences, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and responsive design.