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Leadership and Management Professional Certificate

What Makes an Effective Leader?

Successful leadership in today’s increasingly demanding, global, and diverse workplace requires grit, creativity, flexibility, and know-how. Rise above the challenges of today’s ever-evolving business landscape with UVM’s Leadership and Management Professional Certificate.

Designed for emerging leaders, supervisors, and managers of all levels, including professionals currently experiencing obstacles or looking for advancement, and executives who want to reassess their ability to influence others, UVM’s Leadership and Management Professional Certificate consists of eight individual leadership seminars that focus on developing leadership capabilities and skills in the context of today’s business and management challenges. The seminars are taught by industry experts and held in Burlington, VT.

Professionals interested in focusing on a specific area of leadership and management may sign up for individual seminars. Whether you’re taking one seminar or completing the full certificate, our day-long, locally held sessions allow you to minimize your time away from work and family, while providing the tools to help you become a more effective leader and reach your professional goals.

Our seminars are designed to help you

  • Improve your leadership, business strategy, negotiations, sales, marketing, and finance skills.
  • Prepare you for higher-level job responsibilities and career advancement.
  • Develop your knowledge of business principles, trends, and best practices.
  • Identify your learning leadership style to provide you with insights into your problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, teamwork, and communication skills.
  • Improve your emotional intelligence and behaviors to better connect with others as a leader.
  • Gain a big-picture view of management to communicate more effectively within your organization.
  • Improve your leadership skills across cross-functional teams.
  • Build a local professional network beyond your organization.

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“The program provides a diverse learning experience. There are many different lecturers, which is extremely beneficial because there is an expert in each seminar and you can hear a variety of opinions. Particularly if you haven’t taken other leadership courses, the UVM program offers information you can use to enhance your management skills.”

– Heather, UVM Leadership & Management Professional Certificate, ‘16

“Fantastic, highly informative, engaging and top-notch content. I can use some of the ideas/content directly at work the next day.”

– Connie, Invest EAP

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An In-Depth Look at UVM’s Leadership and Management Program

Radu Bostan completed UVM’s Leadership and Management Certificate Program in 2013. An experienced technology consultant with more than a decade of experience in retail and sales, Bostan earned his undergraduate degree and Master of Business Administration in the Republic of Moldova before coming to the United States 10 years ago.

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