Are you interested in helping yourself and others to become healthier through better culinary practice?

Culinary Nutrition combines the wellness and technical sides of food – introducing students to the culinary concepts central to the disciplines of nutrition, food science, cooking skills, and sensory analysis. Students are introduced to these concepts through the process of meal preparation, meal sharing, and sensory analysis of the final product. The complex variety of meal preferences and preparation techniques among three key palate types is integrated throughout the course to introduce students to techniques they can use to prepare nutritious meals for diverse tastes.

This is a 4-week online course intended for health professionals who deliver education emphasizing skills such as meal preparation as well as anyone interested in improving the way they eat through developing their culinary skills. A major goal of this course is to have the student be able to apply these concepts not just in the classroom, but in their home and work settings as well.

Learning Objective and Outcomes:

  • Use culinary nutrition techniques to prepare flavorful meals following nutrition standards.
  • Demonstrate hands-on cooking techniques in meal preparation.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of how to read, analyze, and adapt recipes to confidently create a meal.
  • Explain how palate types influence sensory preference, food pairing, and meal preparation.

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“If Julia Child and Michael Pollan had a master class, this would be it!”
—Student Testimonial