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UVM Digital Marketing Programs

Now, more than ever, Digital Marketing is the most important part of the marketing mix and essential to an organization’s revenue generating potential. Demand for expertise in Digital Marketing is high, as there is a gap in qualified professionals. With the available software platforms, channels, and analytics tools, the opportunities are endless.

DM rankingRanked #1 - The University of Vermont’s Digital Marketing Certificate is ranked #1 in the nation by Best Online Marketing Degrees. You’ll learn from our certificate instructors, all seasoned practitioners who support Fortune 1000 companies in developing and implementing their digital marketing plans.


Programs That Give You the Digital Edge

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate

Next Offering: July 10, 2019

Duration: 8 weeks

Audiences Served: Marketing Generalists, those new to marketing and lack experience in Digital Marketing or seasoned Marketing Leaders who required greater knowledge of the digital marketing landscape.

Overview: The certificate provides a holistic overview of the Digital Marketing space and key Digital Marketing channels. You will also create a marketing plan applying what you have learned into a valuable deliverable. Learn more.

Advanced Social Media Marketing

Next Offering: August 21, 2019

Duration: 4 weeks

Audiences Served: Digital Marketers looking to deepen their understanding of how to plan and execute a social media marketing strategy. Entrepreneurs who want to leverage social media as a way to gain market visibility, engage a target audience, and drive leads or sales. Also, individuals who wish to enhance their careers by gaining Hubspot’s Social Media Certification and maximizing their learning through application in weekly assignments.

Overview: Building on video lessons provided from Hubspot, UVM offers an intensive study of social media through the support of an experienced digital marketing Instructor who will support your studies. Students will receive supplemental readings, assignments to apply strategies, personal insight into the field, discussions, and feedback to help you excel in social media marketing. Learn more.

eCommerce Merchandising

Next Offering: September 4, 2019

Duration: 4 weeks

Audiences Served: Digital Marketers with an existing basic understanding of online marketing who want to broaden their knowledge of the science and techniques needed to quickly get customers to the web store products they desire and increase their likelihood of converting to a sale.

Overview: The course is appropriate for digital marketers who want to enhance their knowledge to improve customer conversion once a potential customer reaches their website, as well as eCommerce professionals who are just starting out and need to quickly understand the industry, technology, and language of eCommerce merchandising. Learn more.

Web Analytics and Data-Driven Decision-Making

Next Offering: September 25, 2019

Duration: 4 weeks

Audiences Served: Digital Marketers looking to deepen their understanding of how to identify and use data to support their campaign planning and performance. Entrepreneurs and Analysts who want to leverage data as a way to better understand how their website is being used, by whom, and in what ways for better reporting. Business professionals who want to create connections between offline and online data for a whole-world view of their business.

Overview: Increase your knowledge and usage of web analytics, particularly Google Analytics, with subject matter experts currently in the field. Building on Academy for Ads and supplemental content, UVM offers a deeper dive into web analytics and data through a series of instructor-guided weekly sessions offered fully online for four weeks. Learn more.

Advanced SEO

Next Offering: Spring 2020

Duration: 4 weeks

Audiences Served: Digital Marketers with an existing basic understanding of online marketing who want to broaden their knowledge of Search Engine Optimization strategy and tactics.

Overview: This course will provide students with the background they need to maximize the online performance of an existing web property or enter the field as a practitioner. Learn more.

eCommerce Technology Platforms

Next Offering: Spring 2020

Duration: 4 weeks

Audiences Served: eCommerce product managers seeking to improve their technical knowledge to work more effectively with software engineers. Digital Marketers looking to increase their ability to drive transactions through enhanced multi-channel shopping experiences. Entrepreneurs who want to understand the systems involved in building a successful eCommerce business. Also, retail professionals wanting to help their company to expand its online presence.

Overview: This course is designed to give you hands-on experience with, and an intimate understanding of, the technologies that bring eCommerce to life for businesses of all sizes and across various selling channels. You will go into detail about eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, as well as developing a better understanding of internet technologies such as APIs, data structure, and micro-services. Learn more.


I spent over six months looking for a digital marketing course and this course was shared with me by my mentor. I have already recommended this course to my colleagues and friends.

Rhianna R. Taniguchi, Account Executive
The Denver Post

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