Potential customers are searching online for a business, just like yours, right now.

  • Are they able to find you quickly through search results?
  • After they’ve discovered your business, is your site engaging and user-friendly?
  • How do you convert their site visit into a sale?
  • Do you understand how your site is performing from one week to the next and know how to use that data to make adjustments to your strategy?
  • Once a potential customer has found you, are you prepared to hold their attention to your business or organization through your social media presence?

UVM’s Digital Marketing School offers a variety of 4-week courses to address the challenges— and explore the incredible potential—of conducting business in the digital age. Whether you’re a small business owner or employed by a global corporation, UVM’s Digital Marketing School courses provide timely, targeted, and relevant strategies to improve your approach to consumer outreach and engagement.

Our convenient, affordable, and fully online courses are taught by expert instructors succeeding in their field, dedicated to helping you attain a thorough understanding of the concepts and skills needed to succeed in the digital space and optimize the potential of your business.

2019-2020 Digital Marketing Course Schedule

Course Fall 2019
Spring 2020
Advanced SEO 2/19-3/17
Advanced Social Media Marketing 3/18-4/14
Online Stores and Ecommerce Management 10/23-11/19 TBD
Web Analytics and Data-Driven Decision-Making 5/6-6/2

Student Testimonials

I highly recommend this class to anyone involved in digital marketing. The course covers a good amount of ground with several hands-on assignments as part of the curriculum. The instructor was very knowledgeable and accessible, and did a great job bringing the subject to life and connecting the dots between SEO, content marketing and any organizations web presence.” – John T., Advanced SEO, 2019

The class was great! Very helpful. I feel more confident now, so we can promote social media strategy as part of our services.” – Reyna G., Advanced Social Media Marketing, 2019