Grassroots in Action

Vermont is a national model in food systems, environmental conservation, and sustainable practices. For 40 years, UVM has identified, protected, and managed important natural areas on University-owned land—including large parcels such as the 1,000 acres along the shoreline of Shelburne Pond and smaller areas such as the three acres at Redstone Quarry. UVM is also a leader in food systems education, hosting an annual Food Systems Summit to examine local food policy and politics.

Here in Vermont, we lead the nation in direct-to-consumer farm sales and set a precedent requiring the labeling of GMO foods. We’re also a place that has pioneered the environmental movement by banning highway billboards, protecting millions of acres, and implementing thoughtful land use laws to limit sprawl in our communities. Whether your passion is food or land, you’ll find a community of passionate and knowledgeable practitioners and scholars dedicated to a better future.