About MLS 3400 A

Advanced theory and experience related to human blood groups and transfusion practice. Prerequisite: BHSC 3420 or MMG 3230.


MLS, MLSC, MLS PBC PACE students: Prereqs enforced by the system: BHSC 3420 or MMG 3230; Immunohematology Lab Fee: $70.00; Castlebranch Immunization Tracker Fee: $25.00; Colocated with MLS 5400 A

Section Description

This course combines both lecture and laboratory experiences to provide a foundation of knowledge in regulations, quality and compliance in Immunohematology and transfusion medicine. Both basic and advanced concepts will be covered in the didactic portion of the course. The laboratory portion is designed to provide you with the basic skills required in the routine immunohematology lab. In addition, the course provides an overview of donor blood collection, processing, testing and storage as well as the understanding of cellular therapy in the hospital transfusion service laboratory. An in-depth theory of blood group systems, complex antibody and compatibility problems, requirements for transfusion support, adverse effects of transfusion, blood utilization will be discussed. Additional topics include hematopoietic progenitor cells and HLA transplantation, and case studies will be utilized to apply learning to the practice setting.

Section Expectation

Regular attendance and participation in the class and lab is required. Attendance will be taken during the lecture and lab sessions. You are allowed 2 unexcused absences during lecture for this professional course.


Your grade in this course will be derived from your efforts on the three lecture exams, a cumulative lecture final exam, lab assignments, two lab practical exams and a lab written exam.

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