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Laboratory experience dealing with cellular and humoral immunity, B cells and T cells, autoimmunity, immunodeficiency. Laboratory covers immunological techniques and applications. Prerequisites: One semester of biochemistry, one semester of organic chemistry. Co-requisites: BHSC 3420 or MMG 3230.


Pre-co req: BHSC 3420 or MMG 3230: One semester Biochemistry; MLS majors & MLSC Grad Students or Instructor permission: Lab fee: $45; Open to Degree and PACE students; Colocated with BHSC 5440

Section Description

This course provides laboratory experiences in immunology and serology. It is designed to reinforce and expand students practical understanding of immunology by providing you with laboratory experiences dealing with cellular and humoral immunity, B cells and T cells, autoimmunity, and other disorders typically diagnosed in the clinical immunology laboratory. This course will introduce students to some of the more advanced techniques used in the modern immunology laboratory.

Section Expectation

The goal of this laboratory course is to provide students with the opportunity to practice and develop competency with common immunological tests and methods which have broad applications. These include agglutination, precipitation, common serological tests used in laboratory diagnosis, immune-labeling techniques and cellular phenotyping. The tests chosen are representative of these techniques and provide students with the opportunity to learn the assays for several immunological disorders. Students are expected to learn the principles and clinical purposes of all assays done in the laboratory, and of the basic etiology of clinical conditions we discuss.


Course Grade will be derived from the following sections: Pre Lab Quizzes 20% Quizzes (3) 15% (Each is 5%) Mid Term 20% Final Exam 30% Performance 15% Total 100%

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