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Advanced instruction in body chemistry and pathophysiology of disease with emphasis on diagnostic lab techniques in chemistry. Prerequisites: MLS 3100, PATH 2010.


Prereqs enforced by the system: MLS 3100 & PATH 2010; UG MLS, and MLS PBC students only; Colocated with MLS 5110 A; Total combined enrollment: 35; Wed classes will be asynchronous, with specific dates announced

Section Description

Clinical Chemistry is the discipline of pathology (or laboratory medicine) that is concerned with the detection and measurement of biochemical changes in disease. Virtually every hospital patient will require at least one biochemical investigation and it is common to investigate for the presence of disease with panels of biochemical tests for renal disease, electrolyte disturbances, drug levels and toxic agents, blood gas and acid-base status, bone disease, diabetes, coronary heart disease risk and hypercholesterolemia, liver disease, inflammation, endocrine and metabolic disorders, inborn errors of metabolism, etc. Clinical Chemistry laboratories are highly technologically advanced and computerized and are an essential component of all pathology laboratories. This course builds upon knowledge acquired in MLS 221, with an emphasis on learning how specific bio-molecules are used to access human health.

Section Expectation

At the end of this course, the student will: a. Demonstrate an understanding of the physiologic and biochemical processing occurring in the body as well as the technical skills to perform the various tests. b. Be thoroughly familiar with each technique, with general methods of clinical chemistry, and with the purity of chemicals, solvents, and reagent water. c. Correctly perform various types of laboratory calculations. d. Explain the principles of methods and the selection and use of appropriate analytical equipment. e. Describe the effects of variables on results. f. Discuss the functions of reference values and changes seen in health and disease. g. Evaluate and interpret laboratory data to ensure accuracy and reliability.


Grade Distribution: Undergraduate:- Exam 1 15% Exam 2 15% Exam 3 15% Case Study 15% Friday Quizzes 10% Case Presentation 10% Final 20% Total 100% Graduate:- Exam 1 15% Exam 2 15% Exam 3 15% Case Study 15% Friday Quizzes 10% Case Presentation 10% Final 20% Total 100%

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