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Comprehensive study of human pathogenic bacteria and their disease states in humans. Laboratory sessions provide practical experience in handling and identifying these pathogens. Prerequisites: MMG 2010; or Instructor permission.


Prereqs: MMG 1650 or 2010 or equivalent; Advisor permission required; Must enroll in lab MMG 3220 L01 - L02; Course fee: $80; PACE students only even after level restrictions removed; Degree students register for MMG 3220 A; Cross listed with MMG 3220 A and MMG 3210 A; Colocated with MMG 5210 A and MMG 5220 A; Total combined enrollment: 84

Section Description

Advanced Medical Microbiology - Bacteriology • The overall goal of this course is to inform students on bacterial pathogens and their virulence factors. The lecture portion of the course is a detailed examination of ~25 bacterial pathogens along with their associated toxins, adhesins, and immune avoidance mechanisms will be undertaken using a lecture-based format. The laboratory portion of the course allows students to identify unknown bacterial pathogens from clinical samples using microbiological and biochemical assays.

Section Expectation

Lecture meets twice a week for ~75 min. followed by the laboratory component of the course for ~3 hours.


Lecture component: 50% of final grade - 3 in-class exams + non-cumulative final exam – 80% - 9 on-line quizzes (1 dropped grade); average counts as 1 exam – 20% Lab component: 50% of final grade - 30% - Case Studies - 50% - Five Clinical Unknowns involving isolation/identification of clinically relevant microorganisms. - 20% Quizzes, Assignments, Microscope Checks

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