About MLS 3100 A

Lectures and laboratory experiences introduce basic principles in clinical quantitative analysis and laboratory instrumentation; test results are correlated with clinical case studies. Prerequisites: ANPS 1190 and ANPS 1200; CHEM 1400 and CHEM 1450; CHEM 1580 or CHEM 2580.


MLS, MEDD minor, MLS PBC PACE students or Instructor Permission; Wed classes will be asynchronous with specific dates announc Med Diag Minor Students Only for 3 credits; Prereqs enforced by the system: CHEM 1400 & CHEM 1450 & ANPS 1190 & ANPS 1200 and CHEM 1580 or CHEM 2580; Lab Fee $70.00; HIPPA Fee $7.00 OSHA Fee $6.00; Colocated with MLS 5100 A

Section Description

This is part one of a two semester series in Clinical Chemistry. Graduates from medical laboratory science programs are expected to be able to work in the clinical chemistry laboratory or commercial clinical chemistry laboratories. In this position they will be expected to analyze patient samples, assess whether or not lab data is accurate, think critically, and problem solve. They will also be required to understand how lab data are collected and those methods used to determine whether or not instruments are functioning properly.

Section Expectation

• This is a professional course. • Take part in class discussions. Asking questions will make the course more interesting to you and will help clarify subject matter for everyone. • Be sure that you understand the foundational principals discussed in class. • There is a large amount of material covered in this course. Studying in small groups tends to be effective in classes like this. You can learn from one another. • The final exam is cumulative.


Grade in this course will be derived from efforts on the 3 hourly exams, the cumulative lecture final examination, class participation and attendance in addition to laboratory exams and a lab final exam. Exams will include a mixture of multiple and short answer questions. Students are responsible for all assigned material, both delivered in class and in laboratory and assigned in readings.

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