Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate

Career Coaching

Support in Pursuit of Your Dream Job

Learning about a new industry, thinking about how and when to enter that industry, or starting a new work experience is exciting and challenging.  We offer a 5 week online and interactive Career Coaching program to boost your job search skills and confidence.  By the end of this 5 week program, you will have acquired new skills and tools to help you to be successful in your current or future job search.

Career Coaching is an optional and free designed to be paired with a Career Certificate track and is not a stand-alone program.

Course Description

This optional career coaching course aims to teach the skills required to be successful in finding a job in your chosen field. The focus will be on how to identify real opportunities, how to gain information about those opportunities through research and networking, how to target a resume specifically for a position, job-specific interviewing, and negotiating an offer.

The course is broken down into the following topics:

  • Creating a job search strategy
  • Identifying real opportunities
  • Targeting a resume and cover letter
  • Networking and using LinkedIn
  • Interview skills

Benefits of Career Coaching

You will learn invaluable recruiting insights on how to demonstrate your value from an experienced corporate recruiter and career coach. Your career coach will provide substantial support in creating a resume, preparing for interviews, and completing the necessary apprenticeship requirements to obtain placement.

Course Learning Objectives

These online sessions are designed to teach you the skills you need to be successful in your job search through the completion of homework assignments, on-line classes, and one-on-one meetings with the instructor.

A Networking Opportunity

The online Career Coach course invites you to build your own network. Through the expertise of an experienced recruiter and career coach, you’ll learn everything you need to know while searching for your appropriate career.