UVM Pre-College Enrichment Learning Community

As part of your Pre-College learning experience, you will have access to the UVM Pre-College Enrichment Learning Community, designed as an educational and interactive resource to support your UVM courses. You will be part of this community to receive important information about academic updates and deadlines, develop your study and learning skills, participate in upcoming events and activities, connect with other students, and explore the many resources and opportunities provided through UVM and other organizations.

A peek at what is offered through the Learning Community:

  • Orientation
    • An online introduction to the Community, tech tools, and effective online learning to prepare you for your courses.
  • Workshops
    • Admissions and College Prep
    • Effective Learning and Study Techniques
    • Holistic Approaches to Learning – Self-Care & Well-being
  • Virtual UVM Tour
  • UVM Library Access
  • Connection to UVM Resources
    • ADA/ACCESS accommodations
    • Tutoring Center
    • Undergraduate Writing Center
    • Center for Health & Well-Being

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