Delphine Quenet

Dr. Delphine Quenet

Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry

Born and raised in France, I did not like science and spent my time reading and considering a career in literature. My journey in science started after meeting a scientist working on rheology (study of fluid). He showed me the translational aspect of his work on blood property, from physics to biology to human health. It was fascinating, and like a mystery novel, it was a search for clues to answer to a biological question. After exploring different research projects over summer internships, I set-up my research on chromatin structure and DNA-dependent mechanisms (i.e., DNA replication and repair, and gene expression). In parallel, I have been teaching courses on different topics including Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microscopy techniques, Cyto/Histology and Scientific Communication. Outside lab and classroom, I still enjoy reading, as well as baking, and hiking.